About Jason W. Sims, DO

Family Medicine, Men's Health, Cannabis Medicine & Primary Care in Tulsa, OK

About Jason W. Sims, DO

Jason W. Sims, DO, is the Co-Owner and Medical Director at The Higher Care Clinic (Thc2) in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Specializing in Primary Care, Men’s Health, Cannabis Medicine, and IV Therapy, Dr. Sims provides high-quality holistic and alternative care for all patients adults and pediatrics, using a proactive approach.

A Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Sims is the first physician in Oklahoma to speak in support of medical cannabis. He has certified over 150,000 patients in three states over the span of four plus years.

Dr. Sims was the former Medical Director and Chief of Staff for Cleveland Area Hospital for over ten years prior to opening The Higher Care Clinic (Thc2) in 2018. He saw an opportunity to begin immediately helping patients decrease opiate usage, pharmaceutical usage, and addictive drugs with alternative options and medicinal cannabis.

Dr. Sims and The Higher Care Clinic (Thc2) have helped over 20,000 patients kick their opiate habits, one of his most treasured accomplishments.

Outside of caring for patients and bettering people's lives, Dr. Sims enjoys live music, flea markets and spending time with his son playing Fortnite.