7 Reasons to Try IV Therapy

Nov 01, 2023
7 Reasons to Try IV Therapy
While you may associate IVs with medical emergencies, IV therapy can actually be used outside a hospital setting to deliver vital nutrients and fluids to your body. We discuss seven reasons you should consider trying IV therapy here.

Intravenous (IV) lines are often used in medical emergencies since they can deliver fluids, medications, or blood quickly and efficiently. IV therapy is actually the most commonly used invasive procedure in the medical world.

However, can IV therapy be used for other things due to its ability to get much-needed substances to your body so effectively? We sure think so.

At The Higher Care Clinic (Thc2) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our team, led by Jason W. Sims, DO, offers IV therapy to benefit your overall health. Because IV therapy has so much to offer, we’ve written this blog to review all the advantages of it.

Understanding IV therapy

In a traditional medical or hospital setting, IV therapy rapidly administers vitamins, medication, blood, or other necessary fluids. Direct delivery into your vein bypasses your gastric system, enabling your body to absorb the fluids more efficiently.

IV therapy can also increase your overall wellness. For example, you can use IV hydration or vitamin therapy to introduce high concentrations of hydrating fluids or vitamins and minerals to your body.

How IV therapy can benefit your health

IV therapy can address many conditions and health issues, such as anemia, a weakened immune system, jet lag, fatigue, and chronic pain, by boosting vitamins and minerals and hydrating fluids your body might lack. 

By introducing vital nutrients and fluids to your body, IV therapy can:

  1. Increase hydration
  2. Boost your energy
  3. Enhance immune system function
  4. Protect you from illnesses
  5. Get rid of toxins
  6. Fight fatigue
  7. Help you absorb healthy nutrients

You’ll leave your IV therapy session feeling energized and rejuvenated, knowing you’re taking the right steps for your health and well-being.

What to expect from an IV therapy session

Before we begin IV fluids, we discuss all your symptoms and medical goals and run a blood test and urine analysis to check your hormone and nutritional levels so we can create a solution specifically for you.

When it comes time to receive IV therapy, you can simply sit back and relax while our team and the IV fluids go to work for you. The treatment should take no longer than an hour, and you can resume all normal activities after you leave our office. So, you can boost your overall wellness with no downtime required.

If you’d like to reap the benefits of IV therapy, contact our team so you can get started. You can schedule an appointment by using our online booking tool today.