Med Rep Resource Page

Hello! Welcome to the Med Rep Resource Page, where you will see your benefits package, find how to break your accounts up into phases, and locate the Med Rep Products and Services Booklet.

We will continue to add important information for a successful Med Rep journey to this page, so check in regularly.

Mep Reps Playbook

Med Rep THC2 by THC2 Front Desk

Outline of the Med Rep Role


Base +
% of initial sale +
$ monthly for each recurring account

We Provide you with the Following Sales Team Essentials:

  • Scrubs (taken out evenly between first two checks) to be worn when representing THC2
  • Work phone number
  • THC2 Email
  • Monthly supply of CBD
  • 1 free IV monthly
  • 1 free event at Studio 30
  • Partnership discounts (discounts to our partner locations).
  • $100 account stipend for every 10 accounts to spoil your accounts each month
  • CBD education


Sales team reports to sales lead
Sales lead handles sales finances
Virtual lead handles sales lead’s finances

Follow the 4-C pattern – Connect, Cultivate, Close, Cultivate


Get a name, contact phone number, and email during your first introduction and add it to Square and RingCentral. 

Within the first 24 hours of your introduction, text the following (using your THC2 phone number):

Hi [contact name], it was great getting to know more about you and [contact’s business]. Here’s THC2’s information about [service/product interest(s)], as well as our other products and services: Please feel free to text or email me ([Med Rep THC2 email]) at any time with further questions. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

Feel free to change the script to fit your personality, but staying consistent with a script is key.


Check in at least once per week. Appropriate methods of contact:

  • Text message
  • Phone call
  • Drop in
  • Email


When the company is ready to close the deal on a product or service agreement, send the following information to the company:

  • Appropriate product/ services intake form

When the company has completed the form, send the following information to your sales lead:

  • Copy of product/service intake form 

Once the form has been filled out, the sales lead will contact the company and send the following in an email:

Once the invoice has been paid and the sales lead gives the green light, you can send:

  • company-specific Resources Page with company information & password


The sale has been completed and now you have a new account! Now you’re continuing to grow this relationship by checking in once a week for the first month and making sure everything is flowing well with the partnership. After the first month, you can start checking in every 2-3 weeks.


Make yourself available for meetings, calls, or livechat. 

Sales automation to remind yourself to check in post-sale

Understand buyer’s journey: awareness stage, consideration stage, decision stage

Med Reps Products and Services Information

Below is the Digital Med Reps Products and Services Reference Booklet.

SEND LEADS AND CUSTOMERS TO: this page for the customer Products and Services page